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3 super foods that can boost immune system and help you stay…

Our eating habits and living habits have become such that in the name of food, we fill our stomachs with unnecessary things. In the name of sleeping, they wake up till midnight and sleep till late in the morning. Immunity gets weakened due to lack of nutrients and sleep in food. Your frequent falling ill is evidence of weak immunity.

There are many reasons for the weakening of the immune system, such as having a pre-existing disease, excessive consumption of cigarettes or alcohol, not getting enough sleep, lack of nutrients in food. It is only when the immunity is weak that seasonal diseases like cold, cough and cold bother. People with weak immunity fall ill very often.

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According to Anjum Fatima of Narayan Multispecialty Hospital, people with weak immunity are more affected by the change of weather. If you fall ill frequently, then include three things in the diet. Let us know which are the 3 things that will save you from getting sick very often.

Strengthen immunity with turmeric: By consuming turmeric rich in medicinal properties, immunity is strengthened and you do not fall ill quickly. Turmeric, which is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system. In Ayurveda, turmeric is used to cure many diseases. Turmeric gives relief from cold and flu. Turmeric is very beneficial if used in food or with milk.

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Include honey in the diet: Honey, rich in medicinal properties, is a natural food that strengthens immunity and maintains health. Anti-bacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties present in honey keep digestion fine. By consuming it, weight control remains.

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Strengthen immunity with basil: Tulsi, full of medicinal properties, is present in every home. Consuming Tulsi strengthens immunity. Tulsi leaves are rich in antioxidant properties and strengthen the immune system. You can use basil by making its decoction. You can eat basil leaves.

Wash four to five basil leaves thoroughly at night and soak them in a bowl with water. Eat these leaves with water on an empty stomach and also drink water, your immunity will be strong and you will not fall ill soon.

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