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2000 Rupee Note Depositing First Day Witness Confusion Chaos Banks Demand…

2000 Rupee Note: The campaign to withdraw the 2000 rupee note from circulation has started from today, May 23, 2023. But on the first day in NCR, an atmosphere of chaos has been seen. Confusion remained about the whole process among those who deposited or exchanged notes. People who reached the bank to exchange 2000 rupee notes complained that instead of exchanging the notes, banks are pressurizing them to deposit them in their accounts. Some people said that while depositing bank notes, they are also asking for identity card whereas in the media report it was said that there is no need for this.

Although there was not much rush in the morning at the branches of commercial banks in Delhi NCR, but later long queues started appearing. During this, concern was especially seen among the elderly citizens. The scorching heat prevailing in Delhi worsened the situation. Especially the elderly were troubled and complained of waiting for hours. Many customers expressed dissatisfaction with the facilities of the banks.

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In the Lajpat Nagar branch of Punjab National Bank, there was a heated argument between the people and the employees. Shivani Gupta, who was standing in the queue, said, the bank officials should have already anticipated the huge inconvenience caused by this. Standing in this scorching heat is taking a toll on us, especially the elderly are facing the most problems. A retired government employee Rajendra Singh said, some people are being asked to deposit the notes in their accounts instead of exchanging them. People are feeling cheated by this. Other customers standing in the queue said that banks should have been better prepared for this situation. Instead of asking them to deposit the Rs 2,000 notes, they should have made proper arrangements to exchange them.

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Around 25 people have come so far to exchange their Rs 2,000 notes, said a security guard posted outside the RBI building on Parliament Street. The system is running smoothly here. People are also facing difficulties while trying to use Rs 2,000 notes at petrol pumps.

According to the RBI order, the facility to exchange or deposit Rs 2000 notes will be available till September 30, but on the very first day a large number of people came to banks to exchange or deposit notes. Meanwhile, the RBI has advised banks to arrange ‘shades’ to protect people from the sun who come to exchange or deposit Rs 2,000 notes. Along with this, drinking water should also be arranged for the people in the queue. One, the pressure of depositing or exchanging notes, on top of that the heat has increased the troubles.

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