20 Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair-Step by Step Pictures

Most of the girls are admired by their long hairs, but keeping a long hair is not that easy. Some women prefer short hair because in keeping long hair lots of maintenance is required.

Having long hair means you can create multiple styles with your hair. Women with long hair have multiple scopes to make their hair look awesome and beautiful.

Multiple designs for hairstyle is available in the internet, magazines etc. choose the style that suits you best. You no longer need to worry about your hair whether it is curly or rough hair because the latest technique can make your hair smooth using latest medicines and hair sprays.

Thus, in this article, you will find 20 best hair designs for women with long hair.  You can choose any of your favorite design and follow the steps to get it done.

Best collections of hairstyles for long hair



beautiful hairstyles for long hair


Step1: To go for this style first shampoo your hair well and then condition it

Step2: Choose the portion of your hair you want to braid

Step3: Take some section of your hair and continuously twist it.

Step 4:  now braid the twisted section with your finger on each side

Step 5: to make your braided shape beautiful, just take the braided hair and position it on the back

Step6: you can make a little cross section while creating your bun

Step 7: Take the hair and conclude the process by nicely securing it with a clip.



Step 1: Divide your hair into three sections before starting this process.

Step 2: you can braid the selected part and hang it until the three parts get completed.

Step 3: now you can cross the bottom section of your hair with the middle top hair.

Step 4: continuously wrap it three times repeatedly and get them behind your ear.

Step 5: finally, secure it with a bobby pin of a different color to make it look more beautiful.


Source: http://beautyhair.com

Step 1: first prepare your hair with some mousse to the end edge of your hair and tumble it dry.

Step 2: Now, take the front hair from any one side and start twisting it.

Step 3: do the same with the other side of your hair and secure the both side with a bobby pin.

Step 4: Make a V-shape in the back part by bringing both the twisted edges of your hair

Step 5: For long hair, you will require tugging your hair in order to make the bun shape look beautiful.

Step 6: you can secure it with a pin in the tucked places safely.


Source: www.hairromance.com

Step 1: You can start by taking some section of your hair and start braiding

Step 2: you can now take two section of your braided hair i.e., the left hair on the middle and the right hair on the left

Step 3: do the braiding of your hair till the bottom down of your hair

Step 4: Now make your braid into a diagonal shape and end up using an elastic band.

Step 5: tie the braided hair by stretching it and make a bun then tie with a bobby pin.

Step 6: you can leave it little messy, this will give a great look to your curly hair.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Step 1: this style looks best with long hair; you can wash your hair first of all with shampoo and apply a conditioner

Step 2: Now you can make some part of your hair curly

Step 3: now twist the curly part continuously, especially the lower portion of your hair

Step 4: after twisting the hair properly make a cross section in order to make half wavy look and pin your hair

Step 5: by now you can check in a mirror whether the pin is visible or not, make sure that it is not

Step 6 now your style is ready and you can spread your twisted part a little to make your hair look clear.


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.beautifuldiyhairstyle.com

Step 1: you can begin the process by applying a little hairspray at the root of your hair

Step 2: Secondly comb your hair backward properly

Step 3: you can now demonstrate your hair by separating them into a section

Step 4: Now you can easily make a braid taking your hair backward and by positioning them well

Step 5: you can conclude by leaving some part open

Step 6: finally clip your hair or tie it with an elastic band and get this beautiful ponytail done.


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.dailymotion.com

Step 1: to make messy bun is not that tough, so you can start with combing a little bit of your hair.

Step 2: just make a little bit braid if you want, take a little part of your hair

Step 3: you can clip the braided part of your hair with a pin

Step 4: go for the twisting of the hair and gently make a cross section collectively

Step 5: you can roll your hair including the braided part and create a beautiful bun

Step 6: after successfully making the bun, clip it properly without making the pin visible.

Step 7: Just leave it little messy in order to look very casual and beautiful.


 beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.naaree.com

Step 1: you can make your hair sleek look in very less time; start first by combing your hair gently

Step 2: bring the section of your left hair collectively in the backside and clip it with a pin

Step 3: similarly start doing the same with your right hair as well

Step 4: simultaneously wrap both the sides with your fingers and tighten it properly

Step 5: you can now keep the down portion of hair as a ponytail

Step 6: make the wrap portion look beautiful by tying your end and make a sharp ponytail

Step 7: your beautiful sleek vixen hairstyle is now ready and you can now apply this style with any uniform.


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.pinterest.com

Step 1: to make this hairstyle you don’t need too much of sources, just shampoo your hair and apply a little conditional to it

Step 2: you can now gently comb your hair until you make it very smooth

Step 3: Start wrapping your long hair in a braided form continuously till you reach the bottom

Step 4: you can use a small rubber band in every step or your braiding

Step 5: If your hair is thick and you want to make a large ponytail you must tie every portion as in the picture above

Step 6: make your ponytail look perfectly long, smooth and crystal clear

Step 7: in this way you can make easy and beautiful wrapped ponytail


 beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: babesinhairland.com

Step 1: you don’t need much stuff in creating this hairstyle; you can do this easily with your long hair

Step 2: Comb your hair smoothly till the edges so that it doesn’t get stuck during the process

Step 3: Now take a selected portion of your hair and start wrapping on both the sides

Step 4: after the braid gets done completely, tie it properly with elastic band

Step 5: Take all the unbraided portion of your hair on the back using a comb

Step 6: make cross over taking a big portion of your long hair on the back to create a beautiful bun

Step 7: you can now take the braided rope and tie around the bun and pin it well tugging it later



beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: therighthairstyle.com

Step 1: this process is quite easy and you can do it yourself; comb your entire hair

Step 2: make a braiding in the form of a braided ponytail accomplishing your hair on your back

Step 3: while wrapping your hair, make sure that the braiding is to be done perfectly labeling your eyes

Step 4: after the completion of the braiding, secure it with an elastic band

Step 5: now you can indulge your braided hair around your head in the form of a crown

Step 6: position your Swedish crown well in your forehead so that it doesn’t get eroded easily

Step 7: Lastly you can fix the end of the ponytail with a clip behind your ear


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.cutegirlshairstyles.com

Step 1: this process don’t consume much time; just begin nourishing your hair with a hair spray

Step 2: combine your hair with the help of a comb and tie it with a ban

Step 3: separate the part of your hair which you wish to braid from the rest

Step 4: adjust the separated unbraided part and make the bun sinking in the center

Step 5: you can make the braiding process side by side or else in the beginning

Step 6: make the braided part visible, this will enhance the beauty of real French braid bun

Step 7: you can secure your braided bun positioning perfectly at the center of your forehead


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.popsugar.com

Step 1: spray your hair in order to make it little wet and soft to go with this process

Step 2: Comb your hair properly and make it swift as possible for smooth go

Step 3: choose the side you like to position the braided end and begin accordingly

Step 4: start the braiding from the front-most hair covering all the part

Step 5: you can make 3 sections and braid them together, positioning the brand in a narrow shape

Step 6: Keep the wrapping process till the end positioning towards the side edge of your ear

Step 7: after completing the braiding, you can tie with an elastic band or else clip a bobby pin


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.cutegirlshairstyle.com

Step 1: this is all about wrapping and accumulating it by making a cross section of the hairs

Step 2: just make your hair soft and condition it well to start the process

Step 3: You will require the upper portion of your hair to separately accumulate it on the top

Step 4: likewise make several steps of accumulated hair residing on back side

Step 5: now tie the middle half of portion of each accumulated part with a band leaving a little gap

Step 6: make each pair go through the middle of the tied hair step by step

Step 7: you can make the upper portion little bigger compare to the down part

Step 8: finally after the completion, tie with an elastic rubber band at the edge of the hair


beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Source: www.brit.com

Step 1: this process is almost similar to the side braid bun; arrange your hair by planning which side you want to position your bun

Step 2: start the cross section taking a bigger portion of hair taking from all parts

Step 3: braid towards the direction accurately and complete by tying it with an elastic bun

Step 4: now make an easy bun in the side by just positioning back side of the ear

Step 5: easily make a crystal clear bun with this beautiful braided form

Step 6: pin it well after you make the bun

Some of these awesome hairstyles are just made for you. Thus, you can easily make this hairstyle yourself or ask your friend to assist you. You no longer need to spend money going to parlor every day or once in a week, instead do it yourself following some of the steps that are mentioned in this article. I hope you find it helpful for your better hair designs.

I love to share my thought’s, knowledge and everything I am passionate about. I believe this will be resourceful for someone, which keeps me motivated and self-satisfied.

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