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हर 10 दिन में मुंह में हो रहे हैं छाले तो हो जाए सावधान, क्योंकि आपको हो…

Health Tips: It is common to have blisters in the mouth, but if it is always happening at a gap of a few days, then it can prove to be a big problem. This can prove to be extremely dangerous for your oral health. Actually, nowadays the problem of blisters in the mouth of people has become common. There are some people who get blisters in their mouth every 15 days. That’s why it should never be taken lightly. This can also happen because there is a lack of vitamins in the body. 

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Due to hormonal imbalance

Due to hormonal imbalance too Blisters may occur. There are a lot of hormonal changes during periods. Due to increased progesterone, there is a problem of mouth sores. 

Herpes disease causes 

Oral herpes,  Herpes simplex virus ( Herpes simplex virus) causes blisters in the mouth. It can also be a viral disease. There may also be blisters and pain in the mouth. These symptoms can also be caused by Herpes labialis. 

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Due to diseases related to the stomach

Due to a stomach disorder, blisters in the mouth can also occur. Can. If your stomach is not well then there may be blisters in the mouth. An upset stomach can cause more waste and acid in the body, which can cause mouth ulcers. 

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Due to vitamin deficiency

Due to deficiency of Vitamin B and C in the body, most of the people get blisters in their mouth. In such a situation, you should take medicine on the advice of a doctor. So that the blisters get cured in time. 

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