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शादी से पहले कुंडली नहीं बल्कि पार्टनर का करवाएं ये Tests, नहीं तो बर्बाद हो…

In Indian society, love or arranged marriage is an unbreakable relationship between two people.  As everyone knows, in India, more than medical tests to find out each other’s genetic disease, people prefer to match horoscopes here. Through this article, we will try to tell you why it is necessary to get medical tests done more than horoscopes in marriage. So that you can easily fight with the problems in the future. Many times it happens that everything was fine before marriage, then suddenly the boy or girl of the marriage started feeling bad. In such a situation, it is important that you get some important tests done before marriage. 

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Do this medical test before matching horoscope of boy and girl in marriage

Blood Test
Before marriage, the partners must know each other’s blood group or go together and get a blood test done. The blood group of the partner should also be known so that there is no problem in the future. Because not every person can donate blood to another person, it is important to know whether your partner or you yourself can donate blood to each other. 

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Fertility Test

Many couples dream of becoming parents after marriage is not fulfilled. That’s why before marriage, get each other’s infertility rate checked. Due to this, there will be no problems for you in the coming time. It is very important to get this test done before marriage. This shows whether you are fit for reproduction or not.

Genetic Medical History

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It is very important to get this test done for heart disease or diabetes. From this you will come to know that there is no chronic disease in the partner’s family. If it is, then you can get it treated in time.

HIV or sexually transmitted disease

If there is any sexual disease inside your partner, then it will be known by HIV test. That’s why it is very important to get tested for this disease before marriage.  

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