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बैंक में एफडी कराने जा रहे हैं तो जान लें आरबीआई का नया नियम

FDs are a popular option for saving in India. People prefer to deposit their hard earned money in the bank because it is a safe investment option, in which you get almost double the interest as compared to the savings account. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of getting an FD, then you should also know about the changes made in the FD rules by RBI, otherwise you may have to suffer a big loss.

RBI’s new rule: According to the information, RBI has recently made a big change regarding the rules of FD. According to the new rules, if you do not withdraw your FD even after the completion of its tenure, then you will not get the current deposit as FD but the interest rate running on the savings account or the interest rate on FD, whichever is less. It will be paid for. This rule will be applicable to all private banks, government banks, co-operative banks, small finance banks as well as all local regional banks in the country.

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For example, if you make an FD of one lakh rupees in a bank at the rate of 6 percent for 5 years, then for five years, interest will be received at the rate of 6 percent every year. At the same time, if you do not withdraw your money after 5 years, then you will be paid the interest rate running on the savings account or the interest on the FD, whichever is less, till the period of deposit from the bank.

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What was the Old Testament: As per the old rule, if you do not make a withdrawal even after the maturity of the FD, then after the expiry of the tenure of your FD, it will be extended again for the same period, which you had chosen at the time of initiating the FD. But now it will not happen.

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