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बिहार: मंत्री बोले- 3270 आयुष चिकित्सकों की बहाली करेंगे, पर कब? इसका ठोस…

The Health Department will renovate the working and closed Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopath colleges of the state with an investment of Rs 825 crore. Along with this, 3270 AYUSH doctors will be restored soon and closed Ayurveda colleges will also open soon. It also includes Bhagalpur Ayurveda College. This information was given by Health Minister Mangal Pandey as the chief guest on the occasion of 25th year of Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad Bihar unit organized on Sunday. On this occasion, Patliputra National Language (Seminar) was also organized on the topic of strong disease and Vaidya Gangadhar Sharma Tripathi Smriti.

He said that both Ayurveda and Yoga complement each other. Today many Vaidyas recommend Yoga along with Ayurvedic medicines. Today, World Yoga Day is celebrated in 200 countries of the world on 21st June. This is the ancient method of India, which has been adopted by the world. Similarly, during the Corona period, by consuming Ayurvedic decoction, the world proved that our Ayurveda system is the best in curing any disease.

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Health Minister Pandey said that June 21 is World Yoga Day. In such a situation, I request all of you Ayurveda doctors and Ayurveda students present here to participate in public programs and organize public programs on the day of Yoga Day. He said that on this occasion, AYUSH doctors from different states of the country and experts working in this field came here to acquaint the people of the state with their experience. Along with this, experience has also been gained from the doctors here, due to which everyone would have got a chance to know in detail about the work being done by the central and state government in the field of AYUSH. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have done extensive work in the field of AYUSH. The Health Department has also approved an amount of 825 crore from the cabinet for the renovation of Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopath colleges working and closed within the state.

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Minister Pandey said that we are determined for the all round development of AYUSH system in the state. In the same sequence, 3270 AYUSH doctors will soon be restored within the state. All the preparations have been completed for this. 40 health and wellness centers in the state are also running under the AYUSH mission. He appealed to the representatives of different states participating in the conference that you should discuss the better works of the Bihar government in your states also, so that everyone gets information about the work being done in Bihar for the development of this system. During the Corona period, where people were reposing faith in other medical systems, the Ayurvedic system of medicine made an important contribution in the fight against Corona. On this occasion the National Secretary of Vishwa Ayurved Parishad Bihar Unit, Shivditya Thakur, Vaidya Vinod Sharma, Vaidya Rahul ji, Vaidya Kiran Shukla and others were present.

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