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पैकेट चिप्स खाने वाले 5 अरब लोग मुश्किल में फंसे

What to do if there is a ‘death risk’ in the packet food (chips, peanuts, corn..etc.) which is eaten with gusto. Actually, there are some guidelines for packaged food items, which are called Best Manufacturing Practice, many companies are not following them. WHO has given a status report regarding this. It has been said that the companies had to follow these rules till 2023, which is not happening. However, India is one of the few countries that have adopted these guidelines in this matter.  According to WHO, due to bad packaged food, people all over the world are falling prey to trans fat and annually about 5 lakh people are falling prey to premature death. Trans fat causes heart disease and then increases the chances of heart attack.

Report of ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO)

According to the report of ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO), 5 billion people are still at risk of heart disease and death due to it. According to WHO, a large amount of trans fat is found in packaged food, chips, refined sugar available in the market. Due to which the risk of heart disease and other diseases increases significantly.  WHO first made rules for eating factory made fat in the year 2018 and The target was set to implement these guidelines by the year 2023. It was decided that it would be necessary to follow special policies for protection from fat made in the factory. To protect 2.8 billion people worldwide, 43 countries have now implemented best practice policies to deal with fats found in marketable food. India tops the list. 

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Foods with Trans Fats

Industrially produced trans fats are commonly found in packaged foods, baked goods, cooking oils and spreads. The number of patients with heart disease is 5 billion every year worldwide. Trans fat is a major contributor to premature deaths.

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Trans fat is extremely harmful for health and can gradually spoil the entire health of any person. According to WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, it is very difficult to eliminate trans fat. Trans fat is very dangerous. Which does not get digested quickly. It should have no place in human food.  Eating trans fat greatly increases the risk of heart disease. There are 16 such countries in the world whose people eat a lot of trans fat. In which Australia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Republic of Korea are. Best practices in trans fat elimination policies follow specific criteria established by WHO and limit industrially produced trans fat in all settings. 

WHO plans to implement two policies

1. Only 2 grams of fat should be used per 100 grams of food items available in the market.
2. Refined oil in which hydrogen content will be high should be banned in all packaged mines. And this policy should be implemented in more and more countries of the world.

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What the Experts Say
Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, says it is difficult to stop the sale of trans fats, but it is also true that they increase the risk of death. Is. In such a situation, the government of the country should implement some best practice policies. So that the number of deaths can be stopped. The number of people dying due to trans fat is increasing day by day.

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