Block Unwanted Calls and Update Your PhoneBook With the Help of Truecaller App for Android


Truecaller is an app that provides you with the service of finding and tracing unknown calls, name address and locations. Not only these it can block unnecessary calls and update your phonebook with the help of social media profiles. As soon as your phone rings, the app instantly tells you who are trying to contact you before you receive the call.

In short note Truecaller can search and identify any number, it can block unnecessary and hidden numbers plus you can check if your friends are available so that you can make a call. The app is available for platforms like android, IOS, and windows. It is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB which one the top developers. In fact, Truecaller is compatible with all the smartphones.

Truecaller is extremely helpful to find the offender when you get a harassing call from any unwanted or unsolicited calls. It is indeed the best and fastest way to identify the ownership of such anti-social elements.

Features of Truecaller App:

There are various features about Truecaller which I’m going to detail you in this article. Just go through the features below and you will find how cool Truecaller is.

  • The only dialer that gives you the ability to identify unknown calls and blocking unwanted calls if necessary.
  • See photos of peoples and their names when they call you without any prior saving.
  • Allows checking whether your friends are free to talk which makes your experience of calling more delightful and smarter.
  • Based on community spam list, it lets you know which number is spam.
  • You can call your friends through Whatsapp, Vibe, and Skype etc. directly from their profile.
  • Allows you to access your favorite contacts from your contact list.
  • You can choose between tap to call and tap to profile view.
  • Automatic identification of spam and spam calls as over 200 million numbers has been identified.
  • The ability to locate the details of fixed line phone numbers and in addition it can also detail the prepaid card numbers too.
  • Enables easily to enrich and populate your phonebook by providing an option of connecting your phonebook contacts with its social media profiles.
  • It is totally free lookup service for all the mobile phone numbers.
  • It is global therefore it will give you the details despite the caller’s location.
  • Truecaller app is available in more than 35 language support.

Benefits of using Truecaller App:

Back in those days of land line phones, telephone directories played a key role in finding the caller from Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) service. But now in the era of cell phones, it is hard to find and identify as we don’t have telephone directories like back in those days. And because of this, some pricks find it as a playground that has nothing to do but make trouble and disturb peoples.

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As a resulting possibility of wrong numbers increases gradually. Truecaller plays an important role in such situations as it has every feature to nab the trouble maker. It gives you the control of how you will handle your unwanted calls.Truecaller also uploads your contact book into its database and keep it safe. You can edit your details too when you feel it’s necessary. In fact, everyone has benefited it gives real information about the phone numbers.

How to download Truecaller:

You can easily download Truecaller as it is available for all the major mobile platforms. Just go to the respective stores for these platforms and type true caller and press search. Click true caller and it will be automatically downloaded after finishing certain confirmations from the stores. However, it is recommended to download the android app from the Google play store.Enjoy the app, stay safe and stay well informed.

Download Truecaller and install it on your smartphone. I hope the article was helpful. If you have anything to ask then feel free to drop a comment below.



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